Benjamin Koehne, Ph.D. Candidate

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Benjamin Koehne, Ph.D. Candidate

website Project: Distributed Software Development in Virtual Worlds

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interests Research areas: Virtual world technologies, human-centered design, end-user design, distributed collaboration (CSCW)

Benjamin Koehne is a PhD Candidate in the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences at UC Irvine working with Prof. David Redmiles as his advisor. Before joining the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine, he graduated from Stuttgart Media University, Germany, with a Diplom in Business Information Management. At UC Irvine, he received a Master’s degree in Information and Computer Science in 2010.  Benjamin is interested in human-centered design of technology and computer-supported cooperative work processes in distributed (software development) teams.

His main research with Prof. David Redmiles is focused on end-user design and distributed collaboration in virtual world environments. He studies distributed software development processes and investigates how virtual worlds can be employed to conduct usability inspections in the virtual world.

In collaboration with Prof. Judith S. Olson and Patrick Shih, Benjamin is investigating the nature and challenges of  globally distributed teams. This string of research focuses on understanding how remote workers modify their work patterns in order to maintain visibility. A focus on individual remote workers reveals various coping strategies that can inform the design of collaboration technology and best practices for managing distributed teams.