CRADL research is featured in ISR Connector


newsletter-page-001The newly released issue of ISR Connectors (Fall/Winter 2014) highlights the research happens in CRADL lab. This research combines game theory modeling and empirical study to investigated the influences of “cheap talk” (informal, non-work-related conversations, e.g., talking about funny pics.) on trust and cooperation development in global software engineering activities. Using this innovative approach, we can analytically explain and predict the dynamics in both individual and group level.

Instead of traditional conceptualization of cheap talk as an externalization of social relationship, we treat cheap talk as a type of strategic behavior. Doing so enable us to specify individual team member’s behaviors according to her expected payoffs through interacting with other members. Our model indicates “cheap talk” does help the trust and cooperation development, but disappears once trust and cooperation established as the norm within the team.

A short paper discussed the theoretical model published in Chase 2013, we are working on several following papers.