Oliver Wang, PhD Candidate

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Oliver Wang, PhD Student

website Projects: VOSS trust project & SCALE
interests Research areas: Collaboration in Global Software Development, Empirical Software Engineering, Game Theory in Modeling Group Dynamics

 Oliver Yi Wang is a PhD Candidate under the supervision of Prof. David Redmiles in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine. His research interests lie on using novel approaches to study collaboration in global software development teams.His dissertation work attempts to combine rigorous mathematical behavioral modeling with empirical evidences collected in real world. Leveraging Evolutionary Game Theory as theoretical tool, he is developing mathematical models that can predict individual strategy change as well as system dynamics in group-level. Specifically, the models he develops how trust and cooperation develops and evolves in global software development team. The deductive reasoning over the model will lead to propositions which will be examined through empirical studies. He believes this approach will help to bring novel research findings as well rigorous and relevant theories.